Sweet Pies

All our sweet pies are made by hand and of the finest ingredients. No fillers or pre-made ingredients are used. A must for any occasion. We have two sizes for a few of our top sellers, LARGE 9" PIES in an aluminum tin that feeds 6 to 8 people and for our top sellers and Whipped Cream Pies XTRA LARGE 9.5" in a glass dish that feeds 8 to 12 people.


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All American Apple Pie

Regular price HKD 260.00 Price HKD 234.00 -10%

An all-time American classic. This pie is your quintessential American experience just like going to a Major League Baseball game.

Packed with a variety of fresh apples sourced from around the world all wrapped in our buttery sweet crust. Best served with vanilla ice-cream.

Drunken Apple Crumble Pie

Regular price HKD 350.00 Price HKD 315.00 -10%

Paying homage to the traditional dish, this pie will leave you knocking for more! Made with fresh apples sautéed in butter then the best whiskey is added with spices and sugar, topped with a yummy cinnamon pecan crumble. Baked in a sweet butter and shortening crust.

Wholly Heavens Pecan Pie

Regular price HKD 315.00 Price HKD 283.50 -10%

A popular traditional Southern dish! It starts with a sweet buttery shortening pecan crust, piled with delectable chewy and gooey filling packed with chopped pecans and further Hand placed whole pecans on the top. More pecans than you can count are used for this pie.

Wholly Heavens Bourbon Pecan Pie

Regular price HKD 355.00 Price HKD 319.50 -10%

For those looking for a Southern flair to their Pecan Pie, try this spiked version made with American Bourbon to add a kick of flavor. As with all our Pecan Pies, this is made with our sweet buttery shortening pecan crust and mounds of pecans.

Asian Pear & Apple Crisp Crumble Pie

Regular price HKD 310.00 Price HKD 279.00 -10%

This Asian inspired pie is filled with Asian pears and Fuji apples. For extra crunch, we added rolled oats and almond chunks into our crumble top. With a sprinkle of a few surprises tucked in, you will definitely fall in love with this creation. We bake it all in our delicious sweet butter and shortening crust.

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