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Impossible Meat Aussie Mince VEGAN Pie...

Regular price HKD 100.00 Price HKD 89.00 -11%

We are delighted to offer a plant-based meat substitute Pie that is the BEST Vegan Pie around and is just like our beef version Aussie Mince Pie. We use Impossible Meat for this Vegan Pie which is also made in our Vegan Crust. A 4” 170g pie that will fool the meat lover too.

4" Greek Goddess Quiche (individual)

Regular price HKD 82.00 Price HKD 72.98 -11%

NOW 70% LARGER! We took the finest and freshest ingredients for this quiche using fresh spinach, red bell peppers, red onions and Greek Feta Cheese. This quiche is made for all who want something a little exotic and with no meat. Made with a buttery rich egg yolk shortcrust.

4" Italian Quiche (individual)

Regular price HKD 98.00 Price HKD 87.22 -11%

NOW 70% Larger! We have taken some of the finer Italian ingredients to make this delicious quiche perfect for any time. Made with our very own house made Italian sausage, prosciutto, mozzarella, Parmesan, red bell pepper, and more all baked in our butter rich egg yolk shortcrust.

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