Savory Pies

Our savory pies bring the ultimate pie lover to their core with flavor. We use the finest cuts of beef, only chicken breast and the freshest of vegetables. Not pre-made fillings or additives and we roast our own roux for the thickener. They are a must have for any family dinner. We have our LARGE 9" size in an aluminum tin that feeds 6 to 8 people.


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Roasted Chicken Pot Pie Pie

Regular price HKD 375.00 Price HKD 337.50 -10%

We have added an all American favorite the Chicken Pot Pie, but we start by roasting our juicy chicken breast then adding celery, carrots, potatoes and peas into a delicious gravy all packed into our buttery crust and topped with a puff pastry. A must try pie.

Savory Steak & Guinness Pie

Regular price HKD 250.00 Price HKD 225.00 -10%

A British classic filled with the finest cut of sirloin beef, mushrooms, carrots, potatoes and peas. Of course we cannot forget the pint of Guinness and a few secret ingredients! Made with a lard and butter savory crust.

Savory Steak, Stilton & Guinness Pie

Regular price HKD 285.00 Price HKD 256.50 -10%

This is a classic Steak and Guinness with an added delicious layer of true Stilton blue cheese for a zing in every bite. There are mushrooms, carrots, potatoes and peas in this savory pie and of course your pint of Guinness. Made with a lard and butter savory crust.

The Ultimate Cottage Beef Pie

Price HKD 250.00

This is the sibling to the Shepherd's Pie but made with the finest minced beef inside along with the swede, carrots and peas. And yes, there is still the scrumptious aged white cheddar mashed potato topping. Baked in our famous lard and butter savory crust.

The Beef Curry Pie

Price HKD 285.00

Not only do we use our Hong Kong curry as base, we also add in our very own spice mix for an extra dimension to the flavors. Made with high quality sirloin beef, red bell pepper, eggplant, carrots and potatoes. Baked in our tasty all butter crust. (perfect for those who do not eat pork)

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