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  • Size: 2 individual pies

Impossible Meat Aussie Mince VEGAN Pie...

Regular price HKD 100.00 Price HKD 89.00 -11%

We are delighted to offer a plant-based meat substitute Pie that is the BEST Vegan Pie around and is just like our beef version Aussie Mince Pie. We use Impossible Meat for this Vegan Pie which is also made in our Vegan Crust. A 4” 170g pie that will fool the meat lover too.

OmniStrip Roast Pie (Vegan) (individual 4")

Regular price HKD 76.00 Price HKD 67.64 -11%

OmniStrip Roast Pie (Vegan), based on a Sunday Roast with Leek and Apple inside and topped with Mashed Potato. This pie is made with OmniStrip and gives you a Pork Roast sensation with the Roasted Apples and Leeks and Mashed Potatoes to compliment the meal. Baked in our Vegan flaky crusts.

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