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All American Apple Pie

Price HKD 260.00

An all-time American classic. This pie is your quintessential American experience just like going to a Major League Baseball game.

Packed with a variety of fresh apples sourced from around the world all wrapped in our buttery sweet crust. Best served with vanilla ice-cream.

Drunken Apple Crumble Pie

Price HKD 350.00

Paying homage to the traditional dish, this pie will leave you knocking for more! Made with fresh apples sautéed in butter then the best whiskey is added with spices and sugar, topped with a yummy cinnamon pecan crumble. Baked in a sweet butter and shortening crust.

Wholly Heavens Pecan Pie

Price HKD 315.00

A popular traditional Southern dish! It starts with a sweet buttery shortening pecan crust, piled with delectable chewy and gooey filling packed with chopped pecans and further Hand placed whole pecans on the top. More pecans than you can count are used for this pie.

Tart Cherry Sweetie Pie

Price HKD 295.00

This gorgeous handmade lattice pie is filled with a tart cherry filling with great balance of sweet and sour. You will want to admire it before you dive into the amazing flavors. This pie can be a showpiece AND a dessert! Made with our sweet buttery shortening crust.

Bourbon Sour Cherry Lattice Pie

Price HKD 365.00

This kicked up sour cherry pie has a hint of an Old Fashion cocktail with bourbon and orange inside to make the adult in you shine through. This has received RAVE reviews in the taste test with our focus group so we had to add it to the menu. Made with out sweet buttery lattice crust had laid with precision.

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